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Aurora Afx References list short version 14.07.2010.pdf

To acces the Aurora Afx short version references file : simply click the link here above.

There is also a full version file. If you are interested to buy the full version file ($ 30), just let me know.

The full version file is with following Aurora Afx informations:

With/Without cube
Secundary or Master body
USA or international market
Period of sales (year(s))
Body designer name
Number of painting schemes
item Aurora reference
item Aurora Master reference
Rarity rate by Bob Beers
Rarity rate by Francis Van Everbroeck
Lower market value
Higher market value
Average market value
Item name description
References grid for Magna Steering, Afx, Super magnatraction, Magnatraction, Faller, G-Plus, Ultra five, Magna Sonic, Cats eyes, Speed Steer, Speed Shifter, Flamethrower, Lighted Speed Steer, Blazin Brakes, Super Flamethrower, SP 1000, Faller Super G+Plus and Super G+Plus
Molded body color
Molded windows