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Welcome to my Afx hobby site. My name is Francis Van Everbroeck. I am 52 years old. On the private side, I am married with Chantal, 51 years, and we have 2 children: Alexis, 21 years, and Aurelie, 25 years. We are living in Brussels, capital of Belgium (Europe). On the professional side, I own and drive 3 medium services companies. 

Collecting AFX cars is one of my hobbies. This site is my way to pay homage to what I consider as being the nicest and the more realistic HO cars and trucks ever produced: the AFX series by Aurora. Those electric toys captured and held the imagination of millions of kids in the world for over a decade. Their popularity made them coveted Christmas presents between 1971 and 1983.

The goal of this site is to bring back memories, to share part of my AFX collection and to share Aurora AFX informations.

A/FX (Aurora Factory eXperimental) slot cars were worldwide introduced in 1971 by Aurora to compete the Tyco-Pro line. In 1974 the change was made to AFX Magna-traction and the result was a better handling car. AFX G-Plus came next with the conversion to the inline style motor, followed by variations on those themes which included following lines: Super Magna-traction, Ultra 5, Magna-Sonic, Cats Eyes, Speed Shifter, Speed Steer, Flamethrower, Lighted Speed Steer, Blazin Brakes, Super Flamethrower (International markets only), SP 1000 & Super G-Plus.

The AFX slot car line ended in 1983 (USA) - 1984 (Canada & Europe) when the Aurora group went bankrupt. 

Aurora and AFX are registered trademarks of Tomy Corporation. This site is neither authorized nor approved by the trademark holder and use of the Aurora and AFX names is solely for identification purpose.

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Francis Van Everbroeck